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Learn & Earn Protocol.

A scalable, decentralized, and secure academic ecosystem to enhance learning through new technologies which merit students' & teachers' proportional to their accomplishments and performance. 

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What does Meritus offer?

Decentralized Academic Finance (DAF)

An economic and financial structure to make education expenses lucrative and rewarding, for students, teachers, and institutions. 

Three Pillars of Education

Values & principles

Values are important for personal development, however, family, culture, and circumstances, make people choose which values and principles to develop. With Meritus we provide classes for students to learn and decide which to carry along their life journey


Decentralized Knowledge

Knowledge is the base of the development of humanity, without it any progress would crumble. However, obtaining knowledge is an exhausting task, that's why we should merit this activity and incentivize the search for knowledge.


Imagination has no physical boundaries and gives rise to creation, this is crucial for humanity. Students' creations won't be graded, they will receive merit in terms of their accomplishment

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Frequently asked questions...
Why do we need MERITUS?
  • The academic system is not beneficial in the long or short run for students' time, financial stability, and productivity
  • The world offers more rewarding and incentivizing activities than education.
  • Grades, effort, and participation have no direct value or reward to incentivize students' accomplishments.
How will MERITUS exist in a centralized world?
What effect will MERITUS have globally?
Why does meritus DAE use cryptocurrency?
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